Angular's command-line interface is closely related to it (CLI). The Angular file system is generated more quickly thanks to the CLI. It does the majority of configuration behind the scenes so that programmers may begin writing code. The CLI also offers a short learning curve, making it ideal for beginners who want to get started straight away. Even seasoned Angular developers use the CLI, in fact!

A command line interface called Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is used to create and build angular projects utilizing commonJs modules in the NodeJS style.

You need to install using below npm command,

npm install @angular/cli@latest

The list of a few commands that will be useful when developing Angular projects is provided below.

  1. Creating New Project:?ng new
  2. Generating Components, Directives & Services:?ng generate/g The many sorts of commands include,
    • ng generate class my-new-class: include a class in your application
    • ng generate component my-new-component: include a component in your application
    • ng generate directive my-new-directive: include a directive in your application
    • ng generate enum my-new-enum: include a enum in your application
    • ng generate module my-new-module: include a module in your application
    • ng generate pipe my-new-pipe: include a pipe in your application
    • ng generate service my-new-service: include a service in your application
  3. Running the Project:?ng serve

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