There are numerous websites available nowadays to assist in the creation of a distinctive website. These sites will meet all of your demands, from online design tools to hosting companies. In this article, I'll give my list of the greatest websites that every website developer should be aware of.


Cheatography is a website where you can find cheat sheets for many languages, frameworks, tools, algorithms, and other topics. This website contains 5219 cheat sheets and quick references for everything from cuisine to Google in 25 languages! Remember that you can filter the sheets.

Here's the link:


Have you been looking for programming books or other publications? Look no further because Z-Library offers free ebooks and articles on any topic. The world's largest ebook library is Z-Library. Remember that you may search the library.


Do you intend to embark on a new path/challenge or begin a career in technology? is here to assist you in selecting a learning route. is a collaborative effort to provide roadmaps, guidelines, and other educational content to assist developers in choosing a path and guiding their learnings.

The URL is


Have you ever wished to share your lovely code with your friends and on social media? Carbon allows you to make and share gorgeous code images. There are other options for customising your design.

Here's the link:


So you've been requested to convert your resume from doc to pdf, or to eSign (Electronic signature) on some files, or to compress your video, or to extract text from an image, or to convert an image from one format to another, or to do all of the above. Tinywow gives tools to help you with your file troubles. This website provides a variety of online resources to make your life easier. Wow! Life is easy!


Open Source Alternative To

You are about to find a location full of Open Source projects that can be used as alternatives to most SaaS. Explore more than 350 popular open source alternatives to your proprietary SaaS. There are several categories to pick from.

Website link :

Coding Game

Jack will be experimenting with programming on this web app. Oh Yes! Coding Game is here to help you practise and learn while having fun and getting noticed if you need to better your programming skills while having fun and getting noticed. You can experiment with any programming language as well as with your friends.


Flow CV

It can be incredibly exhausting to create, revise, and generally update your CV in Word or Docs. When I discovered flowcv, I found serenity. With FlowCV, you can effortlessly format and reformat your resume with a few clicks. You may return at any moment to edit the layout, design, and content in a matter of minutes. And, of course, they have a free template.


Code Beautify

We sometimes spend more time thinking about a random name, street address, phone number, tweet, and other things that we wish could be generated, formatted, or accessed easily. CodeBeautify has numerous tools to help you save time. It is a free online code beautifier and code formatter that helps you to improve the look of your source code. It includes trending tools, developer tools, code formatting tools, and so on. More tools can be found by using search. There is also a Chrome extension.

The URL is -


When I was learning some basic git commands, I would generally go to this webpage to receive a concise and precise explanation of what each command did. You can type a command line into explainshell to read the help text for each argument.

Here's the link:


These websites/web apps, as well as a few others, have proven to be more valuable to me.
I hope you find these helpful as well.

Thank you for reading!!

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