The database query builder in Laravel provides a simple, intuitive interface for generating and performing database queries. It works with every one of Laravel's supported database systems and may be used to conduct most operations on the database in your application.

In this tutorial, we'll look at an example of Laravel ? Where Condition with Two Columns. We'll go over Laravel ? Where Condition with Two Columns Example in detail and show you how to utilise it, as well as provide a demo if necessary.

WhereColumn() was introduced in Laravel 5's Query Builder, allowing us to compare two columns using a simple where condition. This type of condition is something that we need to monitor on occasion.

I have a simple "items" table in this sample code, and I only want the created at and updated at columns to equal. As a result, you can also look at laravel eloquent as follows:

1. Example

$data = DB::table("items")

2. Example 

$data = DB::table("items")

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