This post will give you illustration of Laravel 8 Clear Cache of Route, View, Config. You will learn Laravel 8 clear cache config. You simply need to some progression to done Laravel 8 cache clear command.

At some point we need to cache clear when you change in design record or anything change on view document after long time. so following command will assist you with clearing cache in Laravel 8.

Clear Cache Command

php artisan cache:clear

Clear Route Cache Command

php artisan route:cache

Clear View Cache Command

php artisan view:clear

Clear Config Cache Command

php artisan config:cache

Another way to clear cache without command using route. so you can create route as like bellow

Route::get('/clear-all', function() {
    echo "Cache Clear";
    echo "Route Cache Clear";

I hope you will like the content and it will help you to learn Laravel 8 Clear Cache of Route, View, Config Command Example
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