In JavaScript, the terms var and let are both used to declare variables, but var is function scoped whereas let is block scoped. As opposed to let, a variable declared with var is said to be defined throughout the entire program.

You can list out the differences in a tabular format

It has been accessible since since JavaScript first debutedis a component of ES6
There is a function scopeThere is a block scope.
Variables will be hoistedHoisted but not initialized
Difference between var and let in JavaScript

Let's use a comparison to highlight the differences.

function userDetails(username) {
  if (username) {
    console.log(salary); // undefined due to hoisting
    console.log(age); // ReferenceError: Cannot access 'age' before initialization
    let age = 30;
    var salary = 10000;
  console.log(salary); //10000 (accessible to due function scope)
  console.log(age); //error: age is not defined(due to block scope)

Note: In the case of global scope, var and let will both function equally. For instance,

var a = 5; / 5
A will have a worldwide reach and be accessible throughout the rest of the program.

let a = 5; / 5
A will have a worldwide reach and be accessible throughout the rest of the program.

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