There is no doubt that H2-H6 heading tags are influential, but they may not be the most effective SEO factor when it comes to ranking in SERPs ( Search Engine Results Page).

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  1. H2-H6 Tags: Is it a Google Ranking Factor?
  2. Is H2-H6 Tag Important for Google Ranking?
  3. How to Use H2-H6 Tags
  4. What is the bottom line?

1. H2-H6 Tags: Is it a Google Ranking Factor?

I suppose it would make sense that the keywords shown in H2-H6 subheadings are more heavily weighted than just words without any headings like here: "The belief here is that"... It would also make sense for tags of their own to count towards some sort of ranking factor because they're technically a part of your content as well.H2-H6 Tags and SEO

There is no doubt that H2-H6 tags are influential, but they may not be the most effective SEO factor when it comes to ranking in SERPs.

The relevance of these tags to users and search results are open to question and, in reality, how they rank is largely determined by your ability to improve your keyword density ? something all sites should be attempting to achieve regardless.

It might be, then, that it is the new indexation strategy instead of tags that are more important in how your site ranks.

2. Is H2-H6 Tag Important for Google Ranking?

H2-H6 tags are highly weighted as ranking factors because of Google?s Knowledge Graph.

For example, in the following Google result, after searching for ?where is the most beautiful city in the world? the H2 tag for ?things to do? is way ahead of the H2 tag for ?what to do?:

This is based on Google?s own research, which was only performed for their own sites, so don?t get too excited just yet if you?re still thinking of this as an SEO ranking factor that everyone should be following. As I said above, this is very subjective information, and only takes into account what?s in Google?s own internal algorithm ? the biggest argument that critics will use against this is that this isn?t an actual ranking factor.

3. How to Use H2-H6 Tags

One of the big challenges is that these tags are very little used in SEO. The most prominent example of this is the ?h2? tag, which is almost never used.

The other big challenge is that you don?t need to use every single H2-H6 tag, you?ll find that depending on your product and search intent, some of them will be irrelevant and others will not be ranking factors, and some will be a ranking factor.

You need to make a judgement on what to include and what not to include.

One advice I can give is to try and identify which of the tags make sense to include.

Telling Google in which subheadings and position types of your brand can do better may be all you need to boost your visibility on the search engine.

You can learn more about H2-H6 tags and how to use them here.

4. What is the bottom line?

There are no direct links connecting tags to rankings or search engine rankings. They aren?t used to rank pages at all. This entire idea is one of ?fake SEO? or web spam. I?m sure you don?t want to create a fake website that ranks for highly important search phrases in the hopes that it?ll garner more traffic and therefore help the SEO work.

Write with Relevancy in Mind, NOT with SEO Motivation

Once you get into an information race, then your motivation gets distorted, people start to look for keywords and other ?keywords? that appear to be related to the keywords and that they are in position with.

What?s the opposite of an SEO ?black hat SEO or clickbait phrases in context?

Are Headings Important?

In the realm of H2-H6 related keywords, headings are still very important.

I hope you will like the content and that it will help you learn. ARE HTML HEADING TAGS (H2-H6) A GOOGLE RANKING FACTOR?
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